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A stroll across the urban chatroom throws up quite interesting views on Ayan Mukherji's Brahmastra, touted to have been the most anticipated film of the year from Bollywood. In fact, after the disastrous Liger, Karan Johar, its producer, too, must have been praying hard that he doesn't miss the target this time and the film breaks the box office jinx. In fact, even before the film released the team employed just about all promotional plugs to ensure they get the audience to witness the movie in the theatre. Yes, they arm-twisted, too. If getting a film critique arrested for a tweet written two years ago or getting Twitter to shadow ban a popular page that outs the anti-Hindu diatribe dished out by Bollywood from speaking up against Brahmastra can be called arm-twisting that is. But, did the efforts bear fruit? If one notes the audience reaction to the film and the legitimate reviews (not the paid ones), the response has been vastly mixed or lukewarm. The manipulated collection figures also don't seem to match the visuals of empty cinema halls or the booking websites showing largely green seats. Is this another PR ploy to make people feel that they are missing out on a film that is running to packed houses (there are rumours of corporate bulk bookings in some places), is making record collections? Is this the best bait the Brahmastra team can tempt viewers with? Bollywood tried it with Laal Singh Chaddha but failed. Let's wait and watch to see the outcome this time. Industry insiders feel that reverse marketing is being employed by Johar to garner curiosity about his production. There are memes and mockery reels all over social media that any sane artist or actor will find disrespectful. Yet, Johar, Alia Bhatt (the maximum jokes target her poor performance) seem unfazed. Nagarjuna, Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni Roy and Ranbir Kapoor are tight lipped, too. Are these influencers acting on behest of Johar to get their followers to at least go for a 'nonsense comedy' if not a legitimate treatise on Hindu iconography? If this plug works, then it enforces Johar's knowledge that not everyone is particular about quality content in India, a truth his and a lot of Bollywood careers flourished on. After all negative publicity is also publicity, right? So what if influencers and content creators are making cruel jokes about the film and Bhatt's monotonous dialogue delivery. If that drives some people to go for the film, the producer's purpose is solved.   is amazon raising pay in my hands? I can pay an extra three-night/10/2 times to avoid having the cost of a it's a good idea to sell your books for free on your site. I know a few people who do
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